Turn Over Your Ballots! On the Three NYC Ballot Proposals

On the back of the ballot in NYC, you will find 3 ballot proposals which were drafted by the Mayor's Charter Revision Commission. Briefly, they lower the campaign finance limits on donations, establish term limits for the appointed members of community boards, and establish a new citizens engagement commission.  Although not earth shattering, and a disappointment to some who wanted more substantial charter changes (like ranked choice voting), they are significant. Since very few people will take the time to read through them and vote, a small % of voters will determine the outcome.

The directors of NYPAN's NYC chapters met and tentatively decided not to take a position (on proposals we knew little about) but to educate NYPAN members and friends about where to get info on them.  There are thoughtful individuals and progressive groups who have taken a position and are advocating for or against all or some of the proposals. Common Cause and Citizen Action for example, are good government groups which have analyzed the proposals and posted their positions on their websites, etc.

The NYC Board of Elections in its Voter Guide has published the 3 ballot proposals and statements of various individuals arguing for or against them. It is a great place to start. You can google NYC Board of Elections, or search under nycvotes.org (choose the menu item votingnyc).  However, if you want to go directly to the ballot questions, visit this website: https://www.nyccfb.info/nyc-votes/vgwelcome/state-general-2018/ballot-proposals/

An educated voter is a happy voter (at least until the results come in).

George Albro, Co-Chair, Downstate