NYPAN is a grassroots progressive organization that grew out of the Bernie Sanders movement. We advocate for issues and campaigns and we lobby elected officials (that is, we remind them that they work for the people). We recruit and support progressive candidates from all political parties, and will be endorsing progressive candidates across the state. We fully intend to turn politics­-as-­usual in New York State upside down!

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STATEMENT BY NYPAN ON FALSE SMEAR OF CYTHIA NIXON BY NY STATE DEMOCRATIC COMMITTEE September 9, 2018 CONTACT: GEORGE ALBRO, 917-864-9443 or TRACI STRICKLAND, 202-329-4002 The Democratic Party is at a crucial point in history where we must stand together…

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Recently, a group of corporate Democratic elected officials, billionaire donors, and lobbyists gathered in Columbus, Ohio to strategize about the upcoming midterm elections and 2020. No, they weren’t there to discuss how to turn grassroots energy into electoral victories and…

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NOT MUCH DEMOCRACY TO BEGIN WITH. The Founding “Fathers” had a very narrow view of democracy: voting was to be limited to rich white male landowners. Still, it was an important step in the development of democratic government, especially compared…

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NYPAN is a statewide organization, built around its local chapters and affiliates. We believe in working "from the bottom up." Each chapter and affiliate is autonomous and unique, but our shared values and organizational structure make us strong.

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Members of many NYPAN chapters are working together in support of the NY Health Act. This legislation is a single-payer healthcare bill that would provide truly comprehensive healthcare – medical, dental, optical, hearing, mental health and prescription drugs – to every resident of the state, regardless of their immigration status, pre-existing conditions, sexual orientation, age, employment status or anything else.
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Election Reform

From the very birth of NYPAN in Dec. 2016, one of our top priorities has been the struggle to reform New York’s shameful and undemocratic voting laws. These laws intentionally exclude millions of voters by making it difficult to register and by disallowing early voting as well as voting by absentee ballot (unless the voter has a permitted excuse).
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NYPAN asserts that every person has a right to a clean and healthy environment, including pure water, clean air, and ecologically healthy habitats, and to the preservation of the natural, scenic, historic, and aesthetic qualities of the environment. We believe that the State’s public natural resources are the common property of all the people, including both present and future generations.
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