NYPAN Encourages All Voters to Vote on Row E, the Working Families Party Line



Contacts: George Albro at (917) 864-9443 or Traci Strickland at (202) 329-4002

NYPAN encourages all voters to vote on Row E, the Working Families Party ballot line**. The WFP, of which NYPAN is an affiliate, has successfully:

  • Won the long battle to defeat the IDC, resulting in the historic primary victories of 7 progressive Democrats;

  • Bold, and at great cost, endorsed Cynthia Nixon and NYPAN member Jumaane Williams in the Gov/Lt Gov primaries; 

  • Were the prime movers in successful efforts to win raises in the state minimum wage, repeal of the Rockefeller Drug Laws, and passage of living wage, paid family leave and environmental protection legislation. 

By voting WFP, you are doing much more than supporting an individual candidate. You are also:

  • Helping preserve a progressive ballot line for the next four years (since there is a legal required that all parties must receive at least 50,000 votes in the Gov. election to keep their ballot line). 

  • Sending a message to the candidate you vote for that you are most concerned about the agenda which the WFP stands for - single payer health care, the reproductive health act, the Dream Act, voting and campaign finance reform, a permanent ban on fracking – and will hold that candidate accountable to those concerns. 

  • Helping to defeat Republicans and foster political independence by giving Independent voters, who are reluctant to vote on a major party line, an option to vote for the Dem candidate on the independent Row E line.

So rather than not voting or reluctantly casting your ballot, vote Row E – the WFP ballot line - for a positive, issue-based vote. And please share this message with your friends, relatives and neighbors.

The exceptions to our vote row E recommendations are in the following three NYC local races where, because of archaic voting laws, the Democratic primary losers could not be replaced with the primary winners, and so we urge voters to vote on the Democratic line:

  1. CD-14  Queens/Bronx: Vote for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Row A.

  2. AD-39  Queens: Vote for Catalina Cruz on Row A.

  3. AD-46  Brooklyn: Vote for Mathylde Frontus on Row A.