NYPAN is committed to criminal justice reform. With 5% of the world’s population, and 25% of its prisoners, the United States of America holds the shameful distinction of incarcerating more of its citizens than any other country in the world.

Many incarcerated Americans are in this predicament due to unfair and discriminatory criminal justice practices. NYPAN is committed to sponsoring and supporting legislation that puts an end to some of these unfair and inhumane policies and procedures. We will seek out government and judicial officials who want a safe, just and fair environment for all of our citizens and we will endorse them, at the local, state and federal levels.

Our commitment to criminal justice reform does not stop at endorsement but continues as we hold elected officials accountable to the people. We are about putting people back into politics. NYPAN supports: police reform, ending the failing war on drugs, abolishing private prisons, and sensible gun control. We also believe in job and business creation, because these help to circumvent the poverty that dominates the lives of far too many Americans of color.

NYPAN is committed to racial and social justice. Economic development is at the core of racial and social justice. Structural inequality fuels injustice.

NYPAN is dedicated to advocating for educational reforms at the primary and secondary school levels, through legislation, in order to combat the “school to prison pipeline.” NYPAN also recognizes the need for more jobs and business opportunities for minorities and women.

NYPAN is on the front lines of housing opportunities for millennials, seniors and people of color. We believe in New York and will work hard to make New York better for more New Yorkers.

Lastly, NYPAN will seek to endorse candidates who will further opportunities for LGBTQ New Yorkers and fully supports legislation for equal rights for all New Yorkers.