NYPAN Joins DCCC Blacklist Coalition

NYPAN is proud to join the DCCC Blacklist coalition, a group of organizations standing strong together in the face of the DCCC’s undemocratic move to blacklist organizations that work with progressive challengers of corporate Democrat incumbents.

NYPAN Co-Chair George Albro stated:

“The DCCC’s decision to penalize progressive firms and organizations who have the courage to stand up to corrupt and ineffective elected Democrats and work with candidates challenging those officials in primaries is an insult to the ceaseless hard work of grassroots activists across the nation. If fighting for issues such as Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, and the ability of communities to have representatives who look like them and understand their issues earns us the label of ‘persona non grata’ by corporate fundraisers in Washington, then the DCCC should consider removing the word ‘democratic’ from their name.”

You can find the full list of DCCC Blacklist coalition members at https://dcccblacklist.com/.