NYPAN Endorses Tiffany Cabán for Queens County District Attorney


March 5, 2019


New York Progressive Action Network Endorses Tiffany Cabán for Queens County District Attorney

The New York Progressive Action Network (NYPAN) has voted to endorse public defender Tiffany Cabán for the position of Queens County District Attorney; Cabán has been endorsed by NYPAN’s two Queens chapters, the New Queens Democrats and Queens United Independent Progressives. Cában is competing for the Democratic Party nomination, with a Primary Election to be held on June 15th.

“This may mark the first time that a serious campaign for District Attorney in NYC has been waged by a Public Defender, a lawyer who understands the problems of our unequal justice system from the perspective of defendants,” stated NYPAN's Co-Chair, George Albro, a retired career public defender.

“Even with the fixes we hope to see in Albany this year, it is the DAs who decide whether or not to make the system work fairly, from the setting of cash bail to the pursuit of dubious cases for the sake of good statistics. Tiffany Cabán understands how a person’s interaction with the criminal justice system can scar a defendant for life.”

Cabán is a native of Queens who has spent the past 7 years with New York County Defenders, representing indigent clients in criminal cases and advocating on behalf of New York’s most vulnerable communities against the inequities of a corrupt criminal justice system.

NYPAN believes that Cabán has both the experience needed to navigate the judicial system and the perspective needed to reform the system from within. Not only that, Cabán's election will strengthen the burgeoning progressive movement in the Borough of Queens that started with the election of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just months ago.

NYPAN is a grassroots progressive advocacy organization, founded after the 2016 General Election, and composed of over 30 chapters and affiliates across New York State. NYPAN’s mission is to provide on-the-ground support for progressive candidates, promote progressive legislation on issues including election reform, the environment, healthcare, and social and racial justice, and work with elected officials who will fight to achieve our collective goals. NYPAN is a chapter of Our Revolution and an affiliate of the New York Working Families Party.