Corporate Dems Strategize on Beating Progressives


Recently, a group of corporate Democratic elected officials, billionaire donors, and lobbyists gathered in Columbus, Ohio to strategize about the upcoming midterm elections and 2020.

No, they weren’t there to discuss how to turn grassroots energy into electoral victories and policies that will help working families. Instead, they were plotting how to use corporate money to stop our growing progressive wave from sweeping America in 2018 and 2020.

According to NBC News, pro-Wall Street think tank Third Way hosted the summit to provide a “safe space” for corporate Democrats “to figure out how to counteract the rising progressive movement.” One attendee — a member of House Democratic leadership — described their outlook this way: “If you look throughout the heartland, there’s a silent majority who just wants normalcy.” 1

Let’s be absolutely clear. Whether it’s a political system rigged for big donors, an economy rigged for the 1%, or the systematic perpetuation of white supremacy across generations, “normalcy” has failed working families — and we won’t win by advocating a return to it. But we believe there’s a different way.

We can bring about progressive change, but only if we all join together to build a movement and elect candidates who will fight for the many, not the few.

1. Sanders’ wing of the party terrifies moderate Dems. Here’s how they plan to stop it., NBC News, July 22, 2018