Chapters & Affiliates

NYPAN is a statewide organization, built around its local chapters and affiliates. We believe in working "from the bottom up." Each chapter and affiliate is autonomous and unique, but our shared values and organizational structure make us strong. Find information about our chapters and affiliates below.

If you are a member of an existing organization and you think that your organization would like to join NYPAN as a chapter or an affiliate, please reach out to our recruitment committee.  We are looking for new chapters and affiliates all over the state. We can also help you form a totally new chapter. All you need to get started are some bylaws (we have a template for you), 10 or more members, and a desire to be part of our progressive movement. Membership dues for chapters are just $7 per member per year. As a chapter, you can take advantage of NYPAN’s 501(c)4 status, and you can participate in our PAC should you wish to finance an independent effort for a candidate.