Please send written correspondence or checks to:

NYPAN ℅ Advocates for Justice
225 Broadway Suite 1902
New York, NY  10007


Contact us via email:

General Email Address:

Press Contacts:
Traci Strickland, co-chair,, tel: 202-329-4002
George Albro, co-chair,, tel: 718-788-8194
Jay Bellanca, co-chair,, tel: 518-429-4972
Arthur Schwartz, treasurer,, tel: 917-923-8136

Committee Chairs:
Chapter & Affiliate Recruitment: Nancy de Delva,
Environment: Cari Gardner,
Healthcare: Ting Barrow,
Website Subcommittee: Emily Adams,
Bylaws: Traci Strickland,
Election Reform: George Albro,
Platform: Cari Gardner,

Any member of the public can apply to join a committee (membership in a chapter or affiliate is not required)  but we strive to have representation from a range of chapters/affiliates on each committee.

Executive Committee:
George Albro:
Jay Bellanca,
Traci Strickland,
Emily Adams,
Arthur Schwartz,
Ting Barrow,
Maurice Brown,
Steven Cecchini,
Nancy de Delva,
Cari Gardener,
Tasha Young,