Save the date!

NYPAN is proud to announce its first annual fundraiser gala, to be held this year at the 1199SEIU penthouse in Times Square, on Saturday January 27th!

Our keynote speaker will be former Ohio State Senator, and Our Revolution president, Nina Turner! (As you probably know, Nina was an early and much-beloved supporter of Bernie Sanders in 2016.)

Honorees will include union activist and former Bernie delegate Eddie Kay, racial justice activist and journalist Shaun King, and long-time activist and street organizer, Leslie Cagan. Special guests will include City Councilman and candidate for Lieutenant Governor, Jumaane Williams, and former Syracuse mayor, Stephanie Miner, who will be introduced by EffectiveNY founder and president, Bill Samuels. We will present a memorial award to the family of Frank Barbaro, activist, progressive legislator and elected Bernie delegate. Nomiki Konst, former Bernie delegate and reporter with The Young Turks, will be our Master of Ceremonies.

Why is NYPAN organizing this ambitious event? We want to honor organizers — the often unsung and unpaid heroes behind populist and grassroots movements — and encourage more people to become organizers themselves.

Without the civil rights movement, the peace movement, the anti-nuke movement, the women’s movement, the marriage equality movement… and more recently the Black Lives Matter movement, the Occupy movement, and the Bernie Sanders progressive movement, our society would be entirely at the mercy of oligarchs, corporations and the 1%.

Thanks to movements, and their leaders and everyday organizers across this state and country, we have a fighting chance in 2018 to make our governments responsive to the people again. NYPAN intends to be an active part of that fight.

In order to grow our movement and fight effectively, NYPAN has a second goal for this event: we hope to raise enough funds to hire a full-time staff person.

In 2018, we aim to elect a truly progressive governor, flip the state Senate blue, make the IDC a thing of the past, unseat a good number of Republican members of Congress, push for election reform, bring universal health care to New York (via the NY Health Act) or to the country (via the Sanders / Gillibrand Medicare for All Act) and much more — but there is only so much we can do with a team of part-time volunteers and a shoestring budget.

We hope you will consider attending our January 27th fundraiser! Tickets can be purchased here:

Tickets are $99 (for NYPAN chapter members) and $127 for non-members. If you can afford more, please consider:

* buying an ad in our journal — for more info, send an email to

* buying a table for your organization, for $1000 (includes 6 admission tickets) — for more info or to make a reservation, send an email to

* donating for our silent auction table — send an email to

Click here if you would like to make a donation right now! (thanks so much)

Thank you and hope to see you in Manhattan on January 27th!

-Emily Adams, NYPAN secretary