NYPAN has a Board of Directors, an Executive Committee of the Board, and Officers who are also members of the Executive Committee. Meet them:

Our Board

Our board is comprised of directors elected from each Chapter and Affiliate.

Our Executive Committee

George Albro, gwalbro@aol.com — Co-chair
director, Brooklyn Progressive Action Network

Traci Strickland, traci.strickland@gmail.com — Co-chair
director, Brooklyn Progressive Action Network

Jay Bellanca, jvbellanca@gmail.com  — Co-chair
director, CD21 Progressives (northern New York)

Juan Rosa, juan.rosa.nyc@gmail.com – Vice chair
director, Barack Obama Democratic Club

Arthur Schwartz, aschwartz@afjlaw.com – Treasurer
director, Progressive Action of Lower Manhattan

Abigail Field, acfield@acfieldlaw.com
director, North Forkers for the Common Good (CD1, North Fork of Long Island)

Emily Adams, emily@nypan.org –Secretary
director, Tompkins County Progressives (CD23 Ithaca)

Zack Smith, zack@nypan.org  Assistant Secretary
director, Bernie Sanders Network of Capital Region

Stephen Carpineta, stephen@nypan.org – Communications Director
director, Tioga County Progressive Committee

Sal Batista, salabatista@gmail.com
Bronx Progressives (CD-15)

Nancy de Delva, mmelafourmie@yahoo.com
director, New Queens Dems

Cari Gardner, cariyogi@gmail.com
director, Lower Hudson Valley Progressive Action Network (CD-16 & 17)

Patrick Nelson, patrick@nypan.org
Bernie Sanders Network of Capital Region

Charles Hess, charlesghess@gmail.com
Liberty Union Progressives (CD-27 Buffalo)