Start a New Chapter

Does your area lack Progressive representation? Feel like investing a couple hours a week to online work, and about 1 day every month or two for a meeting? You can create your own chapter and be the leader of your local movement! 

I promise it’s not that hard, and you do not have to be a veteran organizer to make it happen. In fact, I had never organized until I got involved with the Bernie movement. You don’t need experience, just a little time and some patience.

We will make as many tools available to you as possible including:
  • Mass Email tools: Those with large lists will need to make a small donation, but small groups can send their email drafts along with a spreadsheet and we can blast your newsletters. If you want your own account under the network, we can make that happen too! Only the NYPAN Communications Committee will have access to your contacts. No other chapter can access your information unless you specifically ask that they be given permissions.
  • Financial Umbrella: If you want to fundraise without the legal hassle of incorporating, we can handle that too! You can have your own ActBlue page, or just work within the network. This means that if you need to fund things, we can manage the money you raise so you don’t need to worry. Every penny you raise will return to you so long as it is documented.
  • NYPAN bylaws are an easy way to structure your own local group, but you are COMPLETELY AUTONOMOUS. While NYPAN has the final decision on inclusion to the network pending acceptance of our bylaws and approval by the board, your group has the right and freedom to make endorsements of candidates and/or policies as you see fit. Your endorsement does not automatically mean NYPAN will endorse, but we will never hinder the decisions of your group. Endorsements by NYPAN are subject approval by elected board and committee members. Individual groups are free to make their own choices. In general, we will take the recommendation of the regional group unless a conflict exists with the statewide organization.
Ready to dive in? 

Step One- Facebook
Step Two-Email
Step Three-Twitter

Don’t fret if you are not tech savvy, we can help. Email with the subject line “New Group Help” and one of our organizers will walk you through building your own local network. We are in this together!!